Going on a long trip or a world tour with the family or alone requires careful planning in advance. Travel insurance is the most important part of managing your stay abroad such as in Cuba, Canada, China or Russia. It allows you to set off on an adventure in complete safety and without worries, regardless of the length of your stay.

The term "round-the-world tour" or "long-distance travel" is used to describe the term "trip around the world" or "long-distance travel"

In insurance, a stay abroad of more than 90 days means a "long trip", no matter how many countries you visit. The scope of coverage may vary depending on the length of your stay. For example, a short-term insurance policy of less than 3 months is designed to cover you in case of an emergency such as an illness or accident, while a long-term travel insurance policy includes coverage for more routine care, such as eye and dental care. The term "Around the World" is a common way of referring to a trip around the world, regardless of the mode of transportation with the notion of a crossroads on each continent.

The different types of insurance contracts for a long-term trip

There are two types of insurance contracts for a long-term trip or a round-the-world trip. Firstly, the "time-limited travel" insurance contract is valid for a stay of more than 90 consecutive days. This is an individual contract signed with a private reinsurer, and is designed to offer you broad coverage for the duration of your stay. For this type of contract, you need to know your departure and return dates and your first destination. The length of stay stated in the contract determines the premium to be paid. Second, the "unlimited travel" insurance contract is an insurance policy for annuity coverage, with a fixed effective date and expiry date. In this case, you are covered for one year, regardless of the length of your stay. This type of contract is interesting for those who don't know the exact duration of their trip or the number of trips they will take in a year. The advantage of this type of policy is that you no longer have to take out a new insurance contract each time you leave.

Buying long-term travel insurance or a trip around the world

It is advisable to take out international travel insurance whether you are on holiday for a week or travelling around the world all year round. Otherwise, you will not have any coverage, especially if you are travelling outside Europe, as social security is not obliged to compensate you. This insurance is essential if you want to travel with peace of mind, whatever the length of your stay, the countries you want to visit, the people who accompany you, the accommodation and the activities you will do there.