When you change countries, you must ensure that your mobile network is compliant with the network in that country. If this is the case for you and this is your first trip, you should do something before your trip, but also when you arrive at your destination to adapt your smartphone to the network of that country. In this article, find out how to use your mobile phone while travelling.

Activate your smartphone to the international option

This option is usually enabled by default for recent subscribers. But if this is not the case, you can do it yourself. To do so, you need to use a simple phone call or via the internet. Don't worry, this service is free. As a precaution, this should be done 48 hours before your trip. Also, remember to activate "Data abroad" on your smartphone setting to help you access the 4G or 3G networks. However, be careful and deactivate your mobile data from time to time after using the internet. This is to restrict your smartphone's internet usage in the background such as updates, unexpected emails, etc.  It is very important to use a "foreign pack" before your trip or better yet, use a local SIM.

Switch on the roaming mode

This option is a system of international agreement between operators. In practice, it works well because when you travel to a foreign country, after a few minutes, the new networks in the country are automatically displayed in your smartphone. The advantage of this option is that it allows you to use your phone correctly as soon as you arrive at the airport.

Control the use of country codes and check answering machines

In a foreign country, you will need to dial the international access code and then the country code of the nation you want to call. Access codes change from country to country all the time. To help you know them, press the + key and the codes are inserted automatically. For example, when you are in France and you want to call abroad, you dial +33 or 0033 followed by the number of the recipient residing in France, but no zero first, i.e. +33 4 45 65 34 76. But on the contrary, to call numbers from the country where you are, you no longer need to insert an area code. When you want to travel outside your country, the access code to your voicemail must be personalized before your trip. You can listen to your messages permanently after a request for a secret code. This operation varies according to your operator, either from a direct call to the messaging service or on your subscriber spaces.