Preparing for the trip

The ideal suitcase for women: a little practical guide

When they travel, men and women do not necessarily carry the same things in their luggage. Women tend to include more items in their suitcases. But everyone should prepare their belongings in advance so that they are not unprepared when…

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Pregnant woman: our advice to travel with peace of mind

Travelling is one of life’s pleasures that everyone should definitely experience at least once. Normally, doing this activity is quite simple. For a woman in particular, travelling can be a worry during pregnancy for example. Many women also prefer to…

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What insurance should I choose for a long trip or a trip around the world?

Going on a long trip or a world tour with the family or alone requires careful planning in advance. Travel insurance is the most important part of managing your stay abroad such as in Cuba, Canada, China or Russia. It…

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The menstrual cup: your new travel best friend

The menstrual cup is a better alternative to traditional feminine protections such as disposable sanitary pads and tampons. This cup has the reputation of being more ecological and economical since it is reusable. During the period of female menstruation, all…

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