Shopping is nowadays considered to be an activity in its own right. Some people even make it a profession. According to them, there are much more interesting destinations for shopping than others.

France, a popular destination

One of the most popular shopping travel destinations remains France, a country renowned in the world of fashion. However, it should be noted that each locality offers different styles. So, if you are more of the trendy type, Lille will be particularly appropriate for you. The town of Romans-sur-Isère is better known for the bargains it offers. For those who prefer designer accessories, Aix-les-Bains has something to please them. There is also the big trend of vintage, which is more and more in vogue and which is better found in Lyon. Finally, for lovers of chic and luxury, Paris and Aix-en-Provence are the ideal cities.

Flagship European destinations

It goes without saying that there is no shortage of shopping travel destinations even if you go beyond the French borders. In Croatia, for example, you will find the city of Zagreb, offering a little less than 1000 shops excellently referenced on search engines. Similarly, when it comes to shops, Italy is obviously a good place to think about. Its 2,500 shoe and clothing shops in Turin are at the root of this success. If you're ever in this country, take the time to visit Naples, which has just as many beautiful things to offer. There is also Vienna, Austria, which has almost 3000 shops offering internationally famous designs and brands. Finally, if you find yourself in Germany, take a detour to Munich, which offers a mix of tradition, modernity and design.

A little trip around the world

Finally, to close this chapter on shopping travel destinations, a little trip around the world is in order. In addition to those already presented above, London is one of the destinations where shopping is king. The choices are as varied as the thousands of shops there. For lovers of big-name brands, Milan offers a multitude of possibilities. If the opportunity presents itself to you, you should know that New York also abounds in places dedicated to true fashionistas. On the other hand, those with more original and colourful tastes can find their happiness in Marrakech. And for those who want to find a little bit of everything, the destination to snuff is Bangkok in Thailand. If you also have more luxury tastes, Dubai is the perfect destination. Finally, there is the city of Tokyo, which offers you a wide variety of shops and thus a wide range of choices.