Latin America is one of the leading tourist destinations because of its vast and contrasting territory, its natural landscape and its exceptional cultural heritage. One of the most beautiful destinations in Latin America is Costa Rica, which captivates with its heavenly beaches, majestic mountains, lush green nature and remarkable historical monuments. If you wish to discover all the charms of Latin America, consider visiting Costa Rica for your next vacation.

Costa Rica, a 100% natural paradise

Costa Rica is a destination famous for its gentle way of life. Some even call it "the happiest state in the world". But that's not all, the destination is also known for its exuberant nature. It is a veritable Eden of lush scenery. National parks and nature reserves cover 30% of the country's surface area, including the Tenirio Volcano National Park. It is home to tropical rainforests and a lush green landscape in all seasons. During their escapade in the park, the tourists will be able to discover a great variety of trees such as oaks, rutaceae or Parmentiera Valerii, a floral species endemic to Guanacaste. In addition to its parks, Costa Rica also stands out for its paradisiacal beaches of Latin American nature. You will discover the Manuel-Antonio beach in all its splendour, a seaside destination strewn with a national park, or the Tamarindo beach, a surfing address very popular with water sports enthusiasts.

Visit Costa Rica to discover its emblematic monuments

Many tourists choose to visit Costa Rica to visit or contemplate its extraordinary monuments and tourist sites. To learn much more about the country's culture, a visit to the capital San José is a must. There you will discover a group of sculptures considered to be an emblematic monument of Costa Rica. It represents the victory of the Latin American nations against the invaders known as the Freebooters. Then comes a detour to the Templo de la Musica translated Temple of Music. Benefiting from a beautiful location in the heart of the Parque Morazan, it is particularly brilliant and majestic by its rounded dome dating from the nineteenth century its ochre color. That's not all, the stay in Costa Rica would be incomplete without a visit to Alvaro Robles Brenes, the Metropolitan Cathedral of San José.

A trip to the heart of Latin American gastronomy

Latin American countries are famous not only for their heavenly beaches and lush nature, but also for their atypical gastronomy. Many holidaymakers are even motivated to visit the country just to taste the traditional Costa Rican cuisine. It stands out for its simple, not very spicy dishes, but also for its seafood. Among the Costa Rican recipes is the Gallo Pinto. It is a breakfast based on rice and beans with peppers and coriander. The Casado dish is not to be outdone either. Tasty and caloric, it is composed of a salad of raw rice and beef. Of course, we don't forget the beans; a basic ingredient of Latin American cuisine.