The suitcase is one of the essential elements to go on a trip. But it is also one of the most complicated preparations. An ideal travel suitcase is a suitcase that has everything you need for the entire duration of your trip, no more and no less. On the other hand, the contents must correspond to the country of destination. How do you go about it?

A list is vital before preparing your suitcase. Starting with all the essential details for a female traveller: underwear, toiletries, make-up kit, nightgown and useful documents to put in the hand luggage (ID, bank card and/or cash). Then, the list of clothes: one set for each day, with 2 or 3 evening outfits according to the plan. Without forgetting the shoes adapted to each situation.

For pregnant women, the second trimester of pregnancy (from the 18th to the 24th week) is the ideal time to go on a trip. However, a doctor’s opinion is always necessary.

The travel destination must not pose any health risks to the mother and her baby. On the other hand, the travel insurance must be up to date, with the maximum guarantees.

Whether it’s an escapade to another continent or a little hop on the side of the world, travelling alone as a woman has always been seen as eccentric. But, with the various organized trips or a tailor-made trip, it’s more practical now. Woman and travel have never been a better match, discover the most beautiful destinations on

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Defining a budget is important before choosing your holiday destination and program.

The rules related to the visa and health check-ups are different depending on the country.

Travel insurance is a document not to be overlooked, regardless of the destination.

Before packing your suitcase and hand luggage, check that nothing is missing from the list.

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It is possible to find several travel ideas in the different travel stories. These stories can, among other things, be about different themes (hiking, skiing, …), add the Occitanie Aujourdhui to your story.

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Travel blogs are more practical for discovering the featured destinations and different cultures like the Oregonian Life for instance, whether for a couple, friends or family.

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Nothing is more explicit than images to get a glimpse of the journey. You can check the pages of travel enthusiasts before choosing a destination for the roadtrip.

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